Cornelius Puschmann
Contact me

Leibniz Institute for Media Research
Rothenbaumchaussee 36
20148 Hamburg
Tel.: (+49 40) 450 217-55
Fax: (+49 40) 450 217-77


What I do

I am a senior researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Media Research in Hamburg where I coordinate the international research network Algorithmed Public Spheres, as well as the author of a popular German-language introduction to content analysis with R. My interests include online hate speech, the role of algorithms for the selection of media content, and methodological aspects of computational social science.

What's new?

  • Möller, J., van de Velde, R. N., Merten, L., & Puschmann, C. (2019). Explaining online news engagement based on browsing behavior: Creatures of habit? Social Science Computer Review. doi: 10.1177/0894439319828012. (open access)
  • Puschmann, C. (2018). Beyond the bubble: Assessing the diversity of political search results. Digital Journalism. doi: 10.1080/21670811.2018.1539626. (toll access)
  • Puschmann, C., & Powell, A. (2018). Turning words into consumer preferences: How sentiment analysis is framed in research and the news media. Social Media + Society, 4(3). doi: 10.1177/2056305118797724. (open access)
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